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The company

IDC™ is a design driven developer of sustainable properties focused on emerging cities in the Philippines.
Established in 2009 by Arch. Romolo V. Nati, an Italian architect, and Atty. Jose D. Leviste, III, a Filipino lawyer. IDC™ is committed to environmental sustainability through elegant architectural solutions and trademark contemporary Italian aesthetic. Its focus is on hyper-prospective emerging cities and other next-wave locations in the Philippines.
With its unique design philosophy, IDC™ is committed to sustainable developments in harmony with the environment to bring value to investors, end-users, and the community.

Corporate Vision-Mission

Vision - We strongly believe that human technique is inseparable from nature and nature is our inspiration. Therefore, we aim to design and build an environment where human development is balanced with the environment.
Mission - We provide unique, innovative, sustainable and safe real estate products that satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers, business partners and stockholders because “not all buildings are created equal.”

Unique Value Proposition

IDC™ has the following value propositions that the Company believe puts it ahead of its competitors:

  • LOCATION  -  We develop in up and coming cities, in safe and growing areas.
  • DESIGN    -    We deliver innovative, elegant and green Italian Design.
  • BUILDING  -  We build high quality, smart, safe and affordable buildings.
  • GREEN   -     We reduce environmental impact (lower energy and water consumption).



Primavera Residences

Primavera Residences

Primavera City

Primavera City

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