IDC:Opportunities in Powering Eco-Sustainable Buildings

“There is a fast proliferation of the need for energy supply. As time goes by, this will go beyond. We have to act towards going green by maximizing resources to benefit the economy and the environment,” says Architect Nati at the recently conducted Power and Electricity World Philippines 2017 on May 25.

The prestigious two-day event invited Architect Romolo Nati, an advocate of green buildings and head of PSE-listed Italpinas Development Corp. (IDC), along with other international and national leaders.

As he discussed on investing eco-sustainable buildings, Architect Nati highlighted the advantages of green buildings to energy consumption.

“Economically stating, green buildings have features different from of conventional developments. Conventional buildings require an enormous amount of power to sustain its maintenance, which can dramatically increase degradation to the environment.  On the other hand, green buildings can offer big benefits financially and environmentally. These are built-in with passive green strategies that can lead up to 20% energy savings of the buildings’ consumption,” he explains.

Architect Nati’s company, due to its commitment to green advocacies,  was given the EDGE award, a global green certification given by the IFC-World Bank, for its flagship project Primavera Residences. In 2016, it was given the leadership award in green buildings by the Philippine Green Building Council.

Right now, as they are initially expanding in Luzon, Italpinas plan to launch its breakthrough development, Miramonti  in Santo Tomas, Batangas. Like IDC’s other projects, Miramonti will integrate energy efficiencies in its development, going forward in moving its core commitment. # # #