CDO Developer to Build Socialized Housing Projects

Italpinas Development Corporation, a publicly listed property developer in Cagayan de Oro, recently signed an agreement with Gawad Kalinga for its socialized housing project in Batangas. Under the project, IDC will build 102 houses that will amount to nearly half million USD .

As a developer, IDC designs eco-friendly lifestyle solutions and incorporates them into energy-smart buildings. Romolo Nati, chief executive officer and chairman of IDC, said that this design and development philosophy can also be applied to socialized housing. "IDC plans to integrate green design into our socialized housing project. Hopefully, we can also help in the design of Gawad Kalinga's other housing projects in the future, "he added.

Gawad Kalinga, a community development foundation based in the Philippines, implements  projects that aim to respond to the call for nation building and volunteerism. Among its programs are shelter, health, education and livelihood geared towards an integrated, holistic and sustainable development.  

"We are happy to be partnering with Gawad Kalinga as IDC shares the same goal with the foundation in promoting and providing sustainable development across the country," Nati said.

"It's a pleasure to collaborate with IDC. We look forward to doing this and more projects together. The idea of ​​applying green concepts in socialized housing is exciting and promising. We thank IDC for choosing Gawad Kaling as our partner for this project, "said  Jose Luis M. Oquinena, executive director of Gawad Kalinga.  

Gawad Kalinga has been active for three years in conducting feeding programs in places such as Metro Manila, Leyte, Laguna, to name a few. Its most recent feeding project benefited more than 4,000 kids who were displaced by the dispute in Marawi City.

IDC has also been actively supporting community programs for the past eight (8) years, collaborating with various foundations and organizations that support social responsibility such as Habitat for Humanity Philippines, Enactus Philippines, and CARA Welfare Philippines. It recently organized a community outreach in partnership with the MASA Foundation in Cagayan de Oro, helping more than 100 residents in a far-flung community in the city. by Kim / IDC.