IDC to take center stage at 26th Mindanao Business Conference

This September 7-9, 2017, Architect Romolo Valentino Nati, pioneer and leader in sustainable development at Cagayan De Oro, is set to talk about Italcinas Development Corporation's (IDC) story in sustainable development and their participation in the growth of emerging cities at the 26th Mindanao Business Conference, the most prestigious business event to be held in Mindanao.

"We are a design-driven developer of sustainable properties focusing on emerging cities in the Philippines. We use a different type of approach to design our projects, which is called performance-based design. In this way, we are able to deliver green buildings at reasonable prices, "says Nati.

Nati is the CEO and chair of listed green developer Italpinas Development Corporation that he founded back in 2009, along with his business partner Atty. Jojo Leviste, the president of the company. Together with Leviste, Nati saw the potential of Cagayan de Oro which led to the development of its first project, Primavera Residences and later Primavera City.

Primavera Residences was the city's first condominium project and became the primary indicator that Cagayan de Oro is ready for vertical developments.

"IDC has been confident in CDO's potential. This is the reason we were eager to develop our first project here. We wanted to play a big part in the growth of the city. We stand firm in the belief that this city will continue to be progressive. More beautiful things will happen to Cagayan de Oro, "Leviste states.

Amid the rise of big developments in the big cities of the country, IDC still aims to develop sustainable projects in emerging cities. The company specializes in green projects—in the real estate landscape. This makes IDC ahead of the curve.

Despite being a young player in the industry, IDC was able to establish its name as a sustainable development leader in the country. For the past years, the company garnered several international recognitions, including two international property awards, such as “Best Mixed-use Development in the Philippines” for its projects in CDO, Primavera Residences and Primavera City, and a global green certificate from International Financing Corporation (IPC), World Bank, and Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE).

The Mindanao Business Conference is considered as the largest annual business conference in Mindanao. It will bring in business leaders,stakeholders and government policy makers to talk about innovative strategies towards building a strong resilient Mindanao economy.