MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Italpinas Development Corporation's (IDC) CEO, Architect Romolo Nati, was recently featured in an interview in ANC's Early Edition, hosted by Michelle Ong.

IDC is a real estate development company which stands by the vision that human technique is inseparable from nature and aims to design and build a habitat where human development is balanced with the environment, and whose mission is to provide unique, innovative, sustainable and safe real estate products that satisfy and exceed the expectations of customers, business partners, and stockholders.

In the interview, Architect Nati discussed the success and growth of the company's developments in the past years in emerging cities outside imperial Manila by reflecting the company's brand in developing nature-inspired, innovative, sustainable and safe real estate products.

Primavera Residences was the company's flagship project in Cagayan de Oro City followed by Primavera City, also located in uptown CDO. Branding sustainability in development projects, Architect Nati made use of the Biomimicry Technique and inspired the architecture design of Primavera Residences and Primavera City to that of a termite mound. The inner voids of the buildings increase natural air ventilation thus providing a natural climate cooling system without necessarily spending cost and energy on air conditioners. Aside from countless amenities to cater to the residential tenants' needs, both buildings also optimize the use of energy in common areas through the photovoltaic panels that provide renewable energy production.

With the growing success of the company, Architect Nati shared about the company's plan on expanding the operations nationwide by developing projects in the Visayas, as well as raising funds by tapping the equities market within this year.

Furthermore, when asked about the Government's 'Build, Build, Build Program', he had this to say: "When we incorporated the company back in 2009, [we thought] that [one] way for the Philippines to achieve the best and sustainable growth is really [to go] out from Metro Manila and develop new areas. In some way, we anticipated what the government is doing and I think it's absolutely the right move to do. So we are totally aligned in this regard."


THEA FRANCESCA TABUDLONG || Content Writer & Marketing Support Assistant