Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) made an appearance during PHILCONSTRUCT 2018 last November 8 - 11 at the World Trade Center to promote its latest project “Miramonti Green Residences.”

During the event, IDC was included as part of the Infrastructure and Construction Focus Group (ICFG). To promote said group and all involved members, a special booth was set-up during the 4-day event for construction enthusiasts to learn more about the upcoming Miramonti project and find potential investors for the building. The ICFG’s participation during PHILCONSTRUCT was also brought by the participation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Inc. (ICCPI) - ensuring a solid partnership between ICCPI and IDC.

To promote IDC’s projects, the company was well represented by the appearance & involvement of Chairman / CEO Architect Romolo V. Nati as an exhibitor for the booth. Arch. Nati was able to share his projects to interested booth-goers highlighting sustainable architecture with renewable energy in his design, creating connections to potential investors that can help contribute to making the project a success. Along with creating connections, IDC was able to connect with Chinese investors and will be able to create appointments to discuss Miramonti Green Residences, marking it as a Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) ranked building due to its use of renewable energy in its design.

The PHILCONSTRUCT 2018 is the biggest construction expo in the Philippines and has been described as, “defining the landscape of building and construction in the country for over two decades.” With over more than 10,000 attendees, numerous trade and industry exhibitors flock together in this annual event to showcase their projects and services in a form of trade show booths.