BDO Europe Desk Visits IDC

Last February 18, 2019, the Europe Desk of BDO met with Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) Chairman and CEO Arch. Romolo Nati and Mr. Harold J. Dacumos, Senior Vice President for Banking and Business Development to offer their bank products and services. The BDO Europe Desk is composed of Vice President Marie Antoniette E. Mariano, Team Head and Ms. Gennylane O. See, Account Officer. The other BDO officers who joined the meeting are Mr. Carlos Sison, Business Development Manager, Cash Management Service, International Desk, Ms. Amphy Kris Arana and Lani Calasicas, Account Offciers, CLG-Home Loans. The Europe Desk handles companies partly or wholly- owned by Europeans like IDC, being partly an Italian owned real estate developer.

“We most welcome the visit of the BDO Europe Desk to our office. We are very pleased about the outcome of the meeting which we hope in the near term, would forge a mutually beneficial relationship with BDO. We would, of course, want BDO to be our partner as we pursue our expansion plans for the benefit of the housing sector,” said Arch. Nati. He also mentioned that IDC’s Primavera City Phase 1, known as Citta Verde which is a mixed-use condominium project near SM City in Uptown Cagayan De Oro is almost fully sold out. As of to date, 90% of the 291 residential units for sale were sold. The company will soon complete the permits and licenses of Primavera City Phase 2 also known as Citta Bella to respond to those buyers who would want to buy or invests in the project and answer the growing demand for dwelling spaces in the city. Citta Bella is a mixed-use condominium development comprised of two medium rise towers. IDC plans to launch Primavera City’s Citta Verde, within the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Mr. Dacumos informed the BDO team about IDC’s corporate and project performance. Since its inception 10 years ago, IDC has successfully positioned itself as a “first mover” in developing and selling mixed-use residential condos in Cagayan De Oro City. In a similar well studied strategy, IDC offered the first mixed-use condo in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. The project started pre-selling only six months ago and to date, more than 50% of the 352 residential units has been sold.

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Carlos M. Sison, Business Development Manager - Cash Mgt., International Desk, Marie Antoniette E. Mariano, Vice President - Europe Desk Head - International Desks, Gennylane O. See, Accountant Officer - Europe Desk - International Desks, Romolo V. Nati - Chairman / CEO - IDC, Amphy Kris C. Arana - Account Officer - CLG Home Loans, Lani A Calasicas - Acount Officer - CLG Home Loans, Harold Dacumos - COO - IDC

Arch. Nati emphasized that for us to be ahead, “We should know our market. And people in emerging cities are looking at good design, eco-friendly, quality and affordable condos in a good location, which if available, the market will certainly consider to invests in or buy.’