Single family house

Single family house
Where:Silang, Cavite - Silang, Cavite, PH

Total Buildable Area: 600 sq.m
Total project development cost: 1.8M USD

With A. Capasso, A. Delle Macchie, L. Floriani, G. Gusella

The two story single-family house will rise in the town of Silang in the province of Cavite, which is about 50 km south of Manila.
This design establishes a strong and positive relationship with the surrounding environment. The plan of the villa appears as a square, positioned at approximately 45 degrees against the direction of the principal road of access. At the center is the patio, the heart of the house. Along the perimeter of the house are spaces where nature can assert itself, characterized by luxuriant vegetation. Rectangular basins of water also surround the house.

Nature and architecture are in balance with each other, creating an atmosphere of natural serenity.