Sales & Marketing Manager in Miramonti - Sto. Tomas Batangas


The Sales & Marketing Manager (SMM) will report directly to the Sales and Marketing Director for the sales and marketing functions of IDC Projects and Executive Officer for administrative and post sales related matters. SMM has to develop specific sales and promotional targets among various market segments on an annual basis and shall see to th e implementation and realization of the same. The SMM will be responsible for preparing, implementing, and monitoring the marketing program designed to achieve IDC’s target volume in its real property and leasing business.

SMM will be responsible for:

  • The conduct of necessary market research to guide the planning and implementation of Sales Office’ marketing programs;
  • The design and conceptualization of public relation plans, marketing plans, sales plan and the over-all sales and marketing function;
  • Supervising property consultants, and office sales staff in terms of their performances in direct trade, corporate, government, educational institution and other segment promotion activities;
  • Preparing and/or causing the preparation and submission of accurate weekly sales and property inventory report. Preparing monthly sales & marketing management report;
  • Developing, supervising and monitoring the activities of the advertising requirements;
  • Monitoring the performance of the various promotion programs and activities and submitting post sales evaluation and analysis for same;
  • Undertake direct sales promotion activities as required;
  • Conduct PKS (Product Knowledge Seminars), General Assembly meetings and other related seminars and social gatherings to increase number of external broker partners and maintain excellent relationship with them;
  • Ensure proper training of property consultants and all staff members;
  • Negotiate promotional sponsorships and trade alliances on behalf of IDC;
  • Develop, attend to if necessary, and coordinate media shoots, print and all types of media related matters;
  • Develop and cultivate relations with members of the media, government agencies, etc;
  • Arrange and coordinate press conferences, compose press releases whenever necessary; and
  • Undertake other activities, which may be reasonably required within the sales and marketing function.


The sales and marketing expert must have a solid background in marketing. He or she will have at least five (5) years’ experience in related marketing in the Philippines as well as background in the international business. Licensed Real Estate Broker. Actual experience in real estate industry a plus.
The ability and skill to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing with fluency in English is essential.

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