SALES EXECUTIVE in Miramonti - Sto. Tomas Batangas


  • Assists Sales Head/ Brokers / Agents for saturation drive;
  • Builds and maintain relationships with external and In house brokers/ agents;
  • Sends Emails / Texts to walk-ins, prospect clients, Brokers and agents regarding promos, updated pricelist, inventory list, event invitation, daily motivational quotes and Birthday greetings;
  • Plots SM manning for the month;
  • Plots office manning for the month (if applicable)
  • Informs sellers assigned to man SM and office for the schedules;
  • Gathers requirements for Brokers Accreditation/Brokers Agreement Presentation;
  • Prepares Sales Report- based on the 1st payment of monthly amortization;
  • Updates sales inventory - dates and units sold and unsold;
  • Updates sales pricelist - dates, price increase (if any);
  • Send Notice of Availability for qualified unit owners;
  • Makes proposal computation for Brokers, Agents and clients;
  • Prints sales forms;
  • Assists Sales Head on Seminars, Meetings, Product, Knowledge, Skills (PKS) Training;
  • Assists Brokers and Agents on onsite tours, product presentations, proposal presentations, computations and requirements presentation;
  • Assists Brokers and Agents during reservation process, making sure that during site tours, prospect client/s makes a reservation if possible;
  • Prepares payment schedule after reservation;
  • Prepares customer inquiry form;
  • Prepares request for brokers/agents’ incentives;
  • Regularly Follow up requirements within 30-days after receipt of reservation fee;
  • Assists documentation officer for client’s requirements
  • Prepares Sales Routing Sheet (SRS) – upon finality of reservation transaction;
  • Secures required documents upon or during reservation;
  • Entertains walk-in clients and guests making sure they are comfortable;
  • Send thank you notes to walk-in clients;
  • Provides assistance to clients before, during and after successful sales;
  • Perform other duties which may be assigned by immediate superior from time to time
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