Conglomerate Map

Romolo V. Nati


Jose D. Leviste III


Others (including the Public)


Italpinas Development Corporation

Constellation Energy Corporation


The Company’s substantial shareholders are Architect Romolo Valentino Nati with 24.99%, and by Attorney Jose D. Leviste III with 32.21%. The remaining are owned by the public, with some officers and directors owning non substantial number of shares.

Other Holdings

Below is the conglomerate map of Attorney Jose D. Leviste III and Architect Romolo V. Nati.

Jose D. Leviste III

Asian Corporate Network (Director)

31% ownership

Constellation Energy Corporation Philippines (President)

Less than 5% ownership

Asian Arc Mining Resources Inc (President)

Nominal share

Pacific Rim Innovation Management Exponents Inc. (Chairman)

Nominal share

Italpinas Development Corporation (President)

32,21% ownership

Romolo V. Nati

Damiani Property Management & Services (Chairman)

25% ownership

Italpinas Development Corporation (Chairman)

24.99% ownership