Growing with CDO Green Developer (Part 3)

It’s fulfilling to see a company growing with the people that believe in its advocacy and ambitions. This is what Jecris Salon, an accounting supervisor of Italpinas Development Corporation, said after receiving a recognition of quality service from the company.

IDC believes that the workforce itself is one of the powers in moving the business that has been on for several years already. As the first green developer that invested in Cagayan de Oro, IDC is proud of its hard working Kagayanon workforce.  “IDC’s successful entry to the international market is powered not only by the company’s partner organizations but also by the workforce itself,” explained Architect Romolo Nati, IDC’s Chairman/Chief Executive Officer.

There are only a few companies in the country that could recognize and give value to the efforts of their employees. Michelle Bacus said, “I am thankful of all the blessings I have while working at IDC. I used to work in a bakery before landing a job at Italpinas. They hired me first as their messengerial until I got promoted as liaison officer. It’s a great opportunity to be working in this organization that recognizes their employees’ potential.”

IDC started from small, thanks to the people who believe in its advocacy, it is able to overcome challenges and  continue to grow.  Salon recalled the time when Italpinas was still on its fresh years, and the important of employees that have been closed to her for so long. “I have been here for almost five years. Five years of exhaustion and of course, five years of happy memories. What I like much about IDC is its resilience no matter how many challenges that get through. We are able to smile and waive the negative vibes because we have co-workers that are optimistic. I am happy also that growing with IDC is also seeing the growth of the company.  When I started working here at IDC, we were small in number, but now we can really prove that in a short span of years, Italpinas has become what it deserves to be.”

“I have been working for Italpinas for almost five years. I developed my whole career in here, and I am grateful for the honor that the company has given to me,” exclaimed Giselle Mantilla, Customer Service Officer.

At IDC, it’s not about the workload or getting a good position, but it is also working with a family. “What I like about working at Italpinas is the companionship I experience with other employees. Our relationship here is even beyond that, we are more like family here,” said Rey Reyes. “I have been working as a driver since I was a bachelor. It never crossed my mind to get a work in a company until Italpinas offered me a job. I feel happy that there is an organization that can appreciate our hard work and dedication,” he added.

Last December, Italpinas recognized their employees for quality service in time for the Primavera City Tower A’s topping off celebration held at SM City Atrium in this city. Recipients of the award are Gladys Echano,  Michelle Bacus, Jecris Salon, Giselle Mantilla and Rey Reyes.

Italpinas is the developer of two award-winning projects, namely Primavera Residences and Primavera City in Uptown Cagayan de Oro.

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