MANILA – Italpinas Development Corporation (IDCTM) Chairman & CEO, Architect Romolo V. Nati, together with IDC’s Director for Design and Construction, Engr. Giuseppe Garofalo, were invited at a sit-down interview at the PTV4’s headquarters last June 7, 2019 with the Philippines’ largest and most influential weekly business and news magazine, BizNewsAsia.

biz1From left : Mr. Tony Lopez, Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Arch. Romolo V. Nati, Engr. Giuseppe Garofalo

Hosted by Ms. Elizabeth Lee and Mr.Tony Lopez the founder, president, chairman and CEO of BizNewsAsia, the sit-down interview offered an opportunity to discuss with IDC’s guests about the rising trend and current condition of Philippine real estate industry.

Arch. Nati shared his insights on the topic, mentioning IDCTM as an example of a rising real estate development company, in different areas of the Philippines, emphasizing the importance of his company’s vision that is “creating design-driven sustainable developments in emerging cities, accessible to the new middle class”.

Alongside his vision, Arch. Nati shared the latest news regarding IDC’s eco-friendly developments being Primavera City, located uptown Cagayan de Oro in Northern Mindanao and the high-rise mixed use green buildings, Miramonti Green Residences, located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

Both the projects have been awarded as Best Mixed-use Development in the Philippines by Asia-Pacific International Property Awards which is a highly acclaimed award in the worldwide property industry.

Primavera City, that will feature six mid-rise towers and a high rise tower, is going to be developed in 4 phases the first of which, Città Verde is nearing completion and its phase 2 Città Bella recently awarded a license to sell. Arch. Nati said Primavera City’s Città Bella will be followed by Città Grande and by the 7th tallest tower, Città Alta.

The construction of the first phase of Miramonti Green Residences, a 21 storey green building, strategically located in an Industrial park in Sto. Tomas, between Metro Manila and the port of Batangas City, is ongoing and the company is currently accelerating the process to obtain the required permits to start the second phase. This feature the other 2 buildings with same number of storey and adopting, as in all IDC’s projects, the best principles of passive building technology: shadow and sunlight control, wind cooling and shape performance.

Following this information, the interview then discussed the importance of eco-friendliness in construction and its appeal to possible tenants and future owners.

Italpinas Development Corporation has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a share sale.

The offering involves up to 33.3 million preferred shares with an over-allotment of 10 million shares to be taken from the unissued authorized capital stock of the corporation at an offer price of P15 per share. At 43 million shares, the company could raise as much as P645 million.

MANILA – As part of the activities leading up to the International Built Environment Week (IBEW), set to take centerstage at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 3-6 September 2019, REED Exhibitions hosted a seminar on “Balancing Productivity & Sustainability”, last July 2 at the Makati Shangri-La.

The REED Exhibitions seminar showcased the best practices and tomorrow’s innovations across the entire Built Environment lifecycle, focusing on productivity, green buildings and integral digital delivery. Invited in this prestigious meet is IDC’s Senior PR Manager, Mr. Giovanni Gusella, and professionals of different fields such as : Mr. Alfred Er, representative for Myanmar within the Singaporean’s Build and Construction Authority, Ms. Carla Cruz, Director of Arcadis, a leading design and consultancy company, Mr. Gio Carino, Managing Partner and Chief BIM Consultant, Mr. Eduardo Manahan, Chairman-Building Owners and Managers Association of the Philippines.


(From left) Giovanni Gusella, Sr. PR Manager of IDC-Italpinas Development Corporation; Louise Chua, Project Director of Reed Exhibitions; Eduardo A. Manahan, Chairman, Building Owners and Managers Association of the Philippines; and Gio Carino, Managing Partner and Chief BIM Consultant.

Topic on “Designing Low-cost Sustainable Buildings in Urban Cities” was introduced by Mr. Gusella who showcased IDCTM – Italpinas Development Corporation’s sustainable projects such as Primavera Residences, Primavera City and Miramonti Green Residences which are projects located in emerging cities in the Philippines and all awarded as Best Mixed-use Developments in the Philippines by International Property Awards-Asia Pacific.

“The Philippines has a number of natural elements that can help out architects and developers to implement passive green strategies and make the buildings sustainable” Mr. Giovanni Gusella said analyzing the passive green elements which characterize Italpinas Development Corporation’s buildings, efficiently reacting to the environment and local climate.

With the use of passive green strategies, Gusella said, developers can maximize the advantages coming from climate elements, such as natural ventilation or rain harvesting, which combined with shade devices to control the sunlight, will result in a significant reduction of power and water consumption. Green building can be designed and built at low cost and accessible to the new middle class which is rising significantly in the Philippines.

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