IDC™ ‘s Chairman and CEO Arch. Nati keynotes OSHDP Affordable Housing Summit 2023

IDC™ Chairman and CEO Arch. Romolo V. Nati encouraged the Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) to maintain their collaboration with the government’s key housing agencies in tackling the housing crisis in the country.

During the OSHDP Affordable Housing Summit 2023, which took place in the Province of Malay Aklan, Arch. Nati delivered a keynote address where he strongly affirmed his dedication to support the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development’s (DHSUD) “Pambansang Pabahay Para sa Pilipino: Zero ISF 2028 Program.”

He emphasized IDC™’s distinctive role as the government’s alley institution, dedicated to addressing the urgent requirements of our nation – providing secure, decent, sustainable, and affordable housing for Filipino families. Arch. Nati underscored the importance of constructing homes that can endure natural disasters, considering the Philippines’ high vulnerability to climate change. He also conveyed his gratitude to OSHDP for orchestrating the Summit, which drew participation from over 300 real estate industry professionals across the nation.

He elucidated that by coming together and advocating for government enhancements in policies, services, and requirements within the real estate industry, a more transparent framework could be established. The Philippine real estate sector consists of numerous private sector organizations and multiple government agencies.

In terms of private sector organizations, there are practitioner groups such as the Accredited Real Estate Salespersons of the Philippines, A Better Real Estate Philippines, Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards Inc., Philippine Association of Realty Consultants and Specialists Inc., REBP, and PARA.

On the government side, various agencies provide services to the real estate sector, including the Professional Regulatory Commission, Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service, Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development, Pag-IBIG Fund, Bureau of Internal Revenue, and National Housing Authority.

Furthermore, there are groups of property developers in the Philippines, such as OSHDP, Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Chamber of Real Estate and Builders Association, and the National Real Estate Association Inc.

According to a report by Statista Research Department, the real estate industry in the Philippines contributed nearly P126 billion in gross value added during the second quarter of 2021.

Italpinas’ Pioneering Commitment to Sustainable Housing for Filipinos

In a world where urbanization is on the rise, and environmental concerns are paramount, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) stands as a beacon of hope for sustainable housing in the Philippines. This pioneering company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing eco-friendly and affordable housing solutions for Filipinos while prioritizing environmental preservation.

Italpinas’ commitment begins with an innovative approach to architecture and design. Their developments are characterized by green architecture principles that harness the natural elements to create comfortable living spaces. Passive design strategies maximize natural ventilation and lighting, reducing the need for excessive energy consumption. It’s a testament to Italpinas’ dedication to creating homes that are not just sustainable but also conducive to the well-being of their residents.

Energy efficiency is another cornerstone of Italpinas’ developments. Many of their projects incorporate renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to power common areas and reduce electricity consumption. This approach not only lowers utility costs for homeowners but also plays a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Community engagement is an essential aspect of Italpinas’ commitment. They work closely with local communities to ensure that their developments are seamlessly integrated into the existing social fabric.

By listening to the needs and aspirations of residents, Italpinas fosters a sense of belonging and contributes positively to the quality of life in these communities.

Affordability is a key concern for Italpinas. They recognize the pressing need for decent and reasonably priced housing options in the Philippines. By making sustainable housing accessible to a broader segment of the population, Italpinas not only addresses the housing crisis but also sets a high standard for the industry.

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