‘Maserati’ of developers

It’s all in the details.

For a relatively new player like Italpinas Development Corp., it was exactly its unique approach—of being design-driven—that allowed it to capture a share of the local market.

More specifically, Italpinas adheres to a “performance-based design” with the end goal of developing buildings with smart features that can help reduce the consumption of energy, water, and their overall impact to the environment.

By championing such approach, the company believes it can generate a greater impact as it is able to develop buildings that are cost-effective given its built-in “passive green features.” These enable buildings to perform better, in terms of reducing power and water consumption for the owners. Consequently, these features also create savings for the owners.

“We focus our design on enhancing natural ventilation and natural illumination which brings a better quality of living to the unit owners. Our overall strategy is embedded in the design of the building itself. We also focus on developing green buildings in emerging locations in the Philippines,” said Italpinas CEO Romolo V. Nati.

“We like to think that we are designers engaged in a real estate development. As Steve Jobs once said, ‘Design is not only how it looks but how it works.’ Our buildings are extremely attractive and at the same time, built to perform better than conventional structures. This is why our projects have been awarded by the most prestigious national and international organizations because of its innovation and design,” he added.

With its dedication to green living and architectural design, Italpinas has been recognized in the national and global arena.

It was among the winners in the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards in the 2014 Asia Pacific regional competition, as the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines.

It was likewise recognized as the Best Condo Development in the Philippines in 2011 (Southeast Asia Property Awards), and was a finalist in the Most Promising Energy Investment Opportunity of the Year (CTI PFAN Philippines Clean Energy Investor Forum).

Italpinas further boasts of having the first completed condominium project in East Asia to be given an EDGE (Excellence in Design For Greater Efficiencies) Certificate by the International Finance Corp.-World Bank. And recently, Italpinas was awarded the Best Mixed-Use Development in the Philippines in the International Property Awards 2017 for its new project, Primavera City.

Such recognitions only prove the company’s commitment in delivering truly sustainable projects.

“Our DNA is Italian, and we are known for our tradition of fine design and capability. Our design skills, together with our understanding of the Filipino culture and taste, make us unique in the Philippine real estate industry. This is the reason behind the fast growth of the company,” Nati claimed.

Evidently, Italpinas got the formula right when it decided to focus on design as this is what makes a particular development stand out, amid the increasingly stiff competition.

With numerous players already in the market, a property developer must be able to find a niche and determine its strength in order to effectively capture and pique the interest of a highly discerning market.

And by creating something out of the box, and by going beyond the cookie-cutter design, a developer can be guaranteed to secure the nod and approval of the market. This was exactly the philosophy followed by Italpinas when it decided to build green structures and gave the market a better and even more practical option.

“Design is the beauty, performance, construction, maintenance, and sustainability which, in combination, creates a unique experience. As we make things better, we create a positive effect on the value of our properties which translate to more profit to the unit owners and the stakeholders. At the same time, we also contribute a positive impact to the environment,” Nati explained.

“We are a boutique developer that cares more about quality and innovation rather than size. We do not think that ‘big’ is better—we are not into mass production. We actually think that being relatively ‘small’ allows us to be more focus on our product. We like to think of ourselves as being the ‘Maserati’ of developers. We deliver innovation and efficient design and at the same time, we create profit for our market,” Nati concluded.

By: / Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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