Redesigning spaces in architecture and finding sustainable green solutions discussed in a recent webinar

A highly interesting and instructive webinar about workspaces and sustainable green design solutions has been held on Friday, August 13, 2021. 

The event was presented by Bluprint with the partnership of Kone elevators Host Manolet Garcia tried to understand from two renowned architects like Arch. Jojo Tolentino and Arch. Romolo Nati what impact covid-19 had on workspace architecture and design and how to be creative about sustainability focusing on green architecture design & building. 

Arch. Jojo Tolentino is the President of Aidea, a design and technology practice that creates transformative solutions for the building industry through partnerships, innovations, and pioneering technologies while Arch. Romolo Nati is the Chairman and CEO of Italpinas Development Corporation, a PSE-listed real estate development company focused on the development of green mixed-use buildings in secondary cities in the Philippines. 

According to Arch. Tolentino workspaces will have to take into consideration a changed post-pandemic mindset in part of the workforce whereas the feeling of safety, comfort, and wellness will play a major role in any work environment in the future. Tomorrow’s office puts the employee at the center of the experience. Architect Romolo Nati, a fierce sustainability advocate, first of all, clarified what ‘green’ means in modern architecture and design. 

He said that “nowadays it is mainly used as a marketing tool” while the real meaning is all about sustainability. “Sustainable design is a design of a building with the minimal impact on the environment.” That is why Architect Nati uses specific software to analyze environmental data like the flow of the wind around the building and the exposure to the sun in order to apply it to the design of the building to harmonize the design with the development using natural features given by nature and the immediate environment. In Primavera Residences and Primavera City in CdO, two multi-awarded and EDGE-certified developments in Cagayan de Oro he applied these passive green design features to increase natural light and shading during peak hours as well as the natural ventilation by designing an internal shaft that has a chimney effect once doors or windows are opened, letting the airflow through the units giving it plenty of natural ventilation.

Also, the other project of Italpinas Development Corporation, Miramonti Residences, located in Sto Tomas Batangas, rising right at the Sto Tomas exit of the South Luzon Expressway, features passive green design features and solar panels for the ultimate benefit of the residents and building performance in accordance with the sustainable mindset of the company. 

IDC™ is a design-driven developer of sustainable properties focused on emerging cities in the Philippines. Established in 2009 by Arch. Romolo V. Nati, an Italian architect, and Atty. Jose D. Leviste, III, a Filipino lawyer. IDC™ is committed to environmental sustainability through elegant architectural solutions and trademark contemporary Italian aesthetics. Its focus is on hyper-prospective emerging cities and other next-wave locations in the Philippines. With its unique design philosophy, IDC™ is committed to sustainable developments in harmony with the environment to bring value to investors, end-users, and the community.

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