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Italpinas Development Corp. (IDC) is proud to announce that the company’s second flagship development in Cagayan de Oro City, Primavera City- Citta’ Verde, has received relevant recognition achieving the EDGE Preliminary Certification.

Primavera City – Uptown, Cagayan de Oro

EDGE, Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies, a green building certification system focused on making new residential and commercial buildings more resource-efficient, allows design teams and project owners to evaluate the most cost-effective ways to incorporate energy and water-saving alternatives into homes, hotels, hospitals, offices, and retail spaces. 

Projects that deliver a 20 percent projected reduction in the use of energy, water, and embodied energy in materials, compared to traditional buildings, are qualified for EDGE certification.

Actually, the EDGE software has indicated that Primavera City’s resource-efficient design will result in reductions of 29% in energy, 64% in water, and 50% in embodied energy in materials compared to a local base case.

Primavera City, IDC’s second eco-friendly development, follows the company’s flagship, certified by EDGE in 2015, named Primavera Residences, a 10 story eco-friendly mixed-use building in Cagayan de Oro, one of the fastest-growing cities in the Philippines.

Primavera Residences – Uptown, Cagayan de Oro

Primavera City, which features six mid-rise towers and a high-rise tower, is being developed in 4 phases, the first of which, Citta’ Verde, is almost completed and the second, Citta Bella, is under construction. This will be followed by Phase 3, Citta’ Grande, and then by Phase 4, the tallest tower, Citta’ Alta.

The characteristic design of the development, which distinguishes all IDC’s projects, is the results of the integration of renewable energy features – passive for saving and active for generating power – with architecture.

This integration begins during the conceptualization process and is then developed into the design, construction, and building maintenance. The process is created using performance-based design strategies that make use of parametric and generative architectural software that analyze the existing data of natural weather conditions of the site location, optimizing the use of natural elements to shape the design of the building—the same “thinking model” used by nature.

“We are among the few real estates that are focusing on developing valued green and sustainable buildings in the provinces such as Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, and  Santo Tomas, Luzon, where our latest project, Miramonti Green Residences, currently in the process of been rated by EDGE, is under construction.

IDC’s projects are not only well designed and organized to conserve energy and enhance the use of natural sources such as ventilation and sunlight. It’s the Italian character that is an undeniable peculiarity and an add-on feature which makes IDC’s developments a highlight in Philippine mid and high-rise architecture” said, Arch. Giovanni Gusella IDC’s Senior PR Manager & In-House Interior Designer.

Miramonti Green Residences – Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Through EDGE certification, IDC aims to make Primavera City a landmark in sustainable development, showing how it is possible to develop affordable and elegant green buildings in the Philippines. Initiatives will be organized to increase interest among unit owners about the benefits of sustainable living.

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